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Shabbat Ha’aretz

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There are few concepts as beautiful (and as radical) as the Jewish idea of a sabbath for the land every 7 years. In this utterly fascinating translation, Rav Kook offers a gorgeous and profound hymn from across the decades to the concept, and the able translator provides historical context as well as powerful hope that this great rest and rejuvenation can have practical as well as spiritual meaning in the modern age.

—Bill McKibben, author Deep Economy

Shmita Sourcebook

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shmita_sourcebook_cover_hiresWritten and compiled by former Shmita Project Manager Yigal Deutscher, with the support of Anna Hanau and Nigel Savage, The Shmita Sourcebook is designed to encourage participants to think critically about the Shmita Cycle – its values, challenges, and opportunities – and how this tradition might be applied in a modern context to support building healthier and more sustainable Jewish communities today.The Shmita Sourcebook is a 120-page sourcebook that draws on a range of texts from within Jewish tradition and time, tracing the development and evolution of Shmita from biblical, historical, rabbinic, and contemporary perspectives.

Envisioning Sabbatical Culture: A Shmita Manifesto

Shmita, literally translated as the ‘Year of Release’ and more widely known as the Sabbatical Year, is the focal point of Jewish earth-based traditions. Shmita is more than a calendar year; it is primarily a way of being, a blueprint for a sacred, whole-systems culture, one grounded in vibrant, healthy and diverse relations between self, community, ecology, economy & spirit.

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7Seeds Project


The Kosher Consumer’s Guide to Shemita

shemita cover for siteRabbi Alan Haber wrote this short booklet in order to help make the laws and concepts of Shemita more understandable and accessible to the English-speaking public. It’s his hope that by investing a few minutes to read about and understand the various options available, the reader will not only be able to ask informed halachic questions and understand what he or she is buying and eating, but will also be inspired by the great opportunities modern Shemita observance provides.

Rabbi Alan Haber’s Shemita Education Site

Shemita: From the Sources to Practical Halacha  


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